Postdoc for “Marine ice – a sleeping iron giant in the Southern Ocean?” (m/f/d)  | Job no.: 24/48/D/Geo-b  | Type: Full time  | Position: Postdoc  | Department: Marine Geochemistry  | Bremerhaven
Software Engineer or Data Scientist (Python) in Climate System Modeling (m/f/d)  | Job no.: 24/44/D/Kli-b  | Type: Full time  | Position: Science  | Department: Climate Dynamics  | Bremerhaven
Scientist or DevOps Engineer for performing Climate Simulations (m/f/d)  | Job no.: 24/42/D/Kli-b  | Type: Full time  | Position: Science  | Department: Climate Dynamics  | Bremerhaven
Chemical-technical assistant (m/f/d)  | Job no.: 24/34/G/Bio-tt  | Type: Full time  | Position: Science  | Department: Shelf Sea System Ecology  | Helgoland
Engineer for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy (m/f/d)  | Job no.: 24/43/G/Bio-u  | Type: Full time  | Position: Technics  | Department: Department of Life Sciences  | Bremerhaven
Biological/chemical-technical assistant (m/f/d)  | Job no.: 24/47/G/Bio-u  | Type: Full time  | Position: Science  | Department: Shelf Sea System Ecology  | Helgoland
Postdoc position in "Eco-evolutionary responses of phytoplankton to changing environments" (m/f/d)  | Job no.: 24/23/G/Bio-b  | Type: Full time  | Position: Postdoc  | Department: Shelf Sea System Ecology  | Helgoland
Station leader (m/f/d) for the German-French Arctic station AWIPEV  | Job no.: 24/2/G/ÜWI-P  | Type: Full time  | Position: Logistics  | Department: Logistics and Research Platforms  | Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard
Student assistant to support the finance department (m/f/d)  | Job no.: 24/30/2/SH  | Type: Full time  | Position: Student Assistant  | Department: Corporate Finances  | Bremerhaven
Head of the Data Science Support Group (m/f/d)  | Job no.: 24/32/G/RZ-e  | Type: Full time  | Position: Computing and data centre  | Department: Data  | Bremerhaven